June 17th, 2008


14 of 30 - World Leaders and Music

Discussion Topics of the Day
   Please respond to as many of the following as possible, and then try to convince other commenters that you are far more correct than they are.
   Topic 1: How would the world be today if Vladimir Lenin had embraced a regime of bolshevik emo-ism rather than communism (assuming he could somehow have been familiar with Bright Eyes and Postal Service). Would there have been a different logo other than the hammer & sickle? Would he have preferred Dashboard or something better like Promise Ring (or name an emo band of your choice)?
   Topic 2: Which american music group could you most easily picture Saddam Hussain being a part of?
   Topic 3: If one of the following were to grow an awesome mohawk, who would be more likely to do so? (A) George W Bush, (B) George Bush senior, (C) Condoleeza Rice, (D) John Ashcroft, (E) Donald Rumsfeld.
   Topic 4: Who would have kept a more interesting livejournal? (A) Ivan IV (the terrible), (B) Taliban leader Mullah Omar (did they ever catch that dude?), (C) Stalin, (D) Mousolinni (sp?), (E) Ghengis Khan, (F) Attila the Hun.

   Also related to Topic 4, an excellent example of what one of these world leaders' livejournals might be like is that of North Korea (DPRK)'s kim_jong_il__.