September 18th, 2008


Day 10 - Breakdown!

Day 10 - Tuesday, Sept 3rd - Into California (Map) (Janelle, Myself, Garnesh the British Guy)

   Continued along the coast into California (there was a gruesome deer roadkill RIGHT at the base of the "Welcome to California" sign. Welcome indeed) and through the beautiful Redwood National Park. Down to Eureka and the plan was to then head inland towards Chico.
   But as luck would have it:

17:51 - In the middle of nowhere on the 299, car battery light has come on - power steering is consequently going. Road is curvey...

18:05 - Car overheating, leaking something. Stopped on side of the road five miles west of weaverton or ville or something
(text updates to my other lj)

   Turns out the Tensioner Pulley on the Serpantine Belt froze up, thus putting out of commission charging of the battery, the power steering, and, most importantly, the car's ability to keep itself from overheating. Had ourselves towed into Weaverville where we cooked up food in the mechanic's parking lot and pitched the tent in the empty lot next door which belonged to the guy who owned and worked the corner market.
   Special thanks to vakratundra who got in contact with me to recommend a mechanic in Weaverville!

   And with the addition of some pictures by Garmin (the British craigslister we'd picked up in Portland) plus my camera was for once working decently so there's a variety of:

Pictures from this day!
(I suggest scrolling to the bottem of the page and reading from the bottem up, since Flickr insists on putting pictures in reverse order in the daily view)