December 1st, 2008


Thanksgiving Burritos!

I discovered something genius the other day: the thanksgiving burrito!

Post-thanksgiving sandwiches have long been a staple of the so-called post-thanksgiving "Great Turkey (Leftover) Marathon" -- turkey, cranberry sauce, and whatever else, between two pieces of bread. Never before, however, had I thought to wrap it up in a tortilla.

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and beans, in a tortilla -- the thanksgiving burrito! It was delicious. I'm suprised no food establishments have hit on this. I mean they all make breakfast burritos, which I think are invariably gross.

Black Friday

The following are known as "Black Friday":
1887, Nov 11 - AKA The Haymarket Affair - Four anarchists hung without evidence n Chicago for the recent deaths of police officers.
1919, Jan 31 - AKA The Battle of George Square - Riot in Glasgow
1939, Jan 13 - Fires devastate Australia
1944, Oct 13 - Canadian unit "the Black Watch" devastated in battle
1945, Feb 09 - Allied forces lose badly in an air battle over Norway
1978, Sep 08 - Massacre of protesters in Iran
2004, Aug 13 - Crackdown on peaceful protestors in the Maldives.
Ongoing, Last Fri in Nov - Day of the heaviest shopping of the year in the United States.

   Which of the above is ridiculously unlike the others?

Part II
Office Manager Girl: "What're you looking at? Maldives? I thought Black Friday was about shopping?"
Me: "Well no, see this list? These are all major massacres or events which are known as 'Black Friday'. I'm making a little lunch break blog post about how ridiculous it is to equate shopping with massacres of protestors!"
Office Manager Girl: "[thinks for a moment] yeah, I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday. But I really needed to go to Mervyns... [proceeds to talk for ten minutes about her shopping travails]"
   Something tells me she didn't get my point.

Additional Note
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