June 1st, 2009


Moar Promo

The Pilar Basilica and River Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain

Pictures coming soon!

But seriously, and I know I posted about this last night but statistics show no one reads entries posted Sunday nights. And usually I do a lot more promotion before June rolls around but I've been busy obviously ... but 30 in 30 starts today so y'all should jump on board. (:

Moar info on 30 in 30

   Everyone, at least once, finds they must explain what exactly 30 in 30 is to their friends list. I thought I'd put a definitive guide to what 30 in 30 is here to be consulted and linked to.

The Rules
(1) 30 posts in 30 days (the only real rule, really) (more than 30 is okay, but see Guideline 6 below)
(2) Your entries should be worth reading!!!

Suggested Guidelines
(3) Your entries should be worth reading -- EVEN TO SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW YOU!!!
(4) You should have another entry up every day. (4a: But if you miss a day you can catch up) (4b: If you started later than the 1st of the month you'll have to post more than one per day to catch up to 30 by the 30th)
(5) You should read the 30 in 30 entries of the other participants (usually a sense of community develops. Its quite fun)
(6) You should not post an excessive number of posts (People following 30 in 30 don't want to see everyone else flooded out by your excessive number of posts. Don't be suprised if you aren't for example friended by this livejournal if you are posting several times every day)
(7) 30 in 30 should be a change of pace for you (for most participants 30 in 30 requires posting significantly more frequently than they usually do. For the few that usually post excessive numbers of posts per day, you should take it as a challenge to curb your enthusiasm and control the flood -- move those one line thoughts to twitter! (see also Guideline 6 above))

   30 in 30 is presently (June 2009) in its sixth year. The maintainer of this lj does not claim to have invented 30 in 30 -- he didn't join 30 in 30 until he stumbled upon it halfway through the first year.

Why You Should Do 30 in 30
(A) To prove you have the blogstamina to complete this epic achievement!
(B) To meet exciting and entertaining new bloggers!
(C) Induction into the Order of the Geoduck!
(D) 30 in 30 leads to introspection: "in the selection of topics and how they're portrayed one must always consider the intended audience and purpose of the blog. When one is just casually blogging whenever one feels like it this isn't nearly as much an issue as when aiming to blog daily.
   And of course, this keeps one thinking more deeply about things. To come up with something worth writing about daily one has to go through the day thinking about all kinds of things that come up, exploring whether one can come up with something interesting to say about anything that comes up. And this of course, leads to a lot of critically evaluating daily things which one otherwise wouldn't pause to think much about.

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30 in 30 VI - In progress! (2009)

Other Notes / How Do I Join?
   30 in 30 is entirely decentralized. You join by.. doing it. And saying you're doing it. And it helps if you tell me and I will try to make sure everyone who is doing it knows who else is so they can follow along with one another, but anyone else is welcome to do that too!
   Also I friend everyone who is doing it to arrrghonaut, an lj created for that purpose, so you can view everyone who is participating on that lj's friends list (and only people who are participating).

   Also I thought I'd note that while I mentioned that random autobiographical narratives are not the 30 in 30 norm, I will probably start out with the story of my spain travels in a number of installments. I will still, however, endeavour to adhere to the "interesting to people who don't even know you" canon and I hope I can do that with it. It will be an epic story of exotic locations, epic travels, perhaps some sex and debauchery, and even some boxsofrain! :D Who doesn't love that?

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