June 17th, 2009


17 of 30 - Maps

   Well I've been hanging out all afternoon with amalie_ and her 9 month old son ZOD (well, those are his initials, his first and middle name are Ze'ev Odin). Her husband / ZOD's father is my best friend Aaron, but the Coast Guard said they'd miss him too much if he came up this trip.

   But consequently it is now 11pm and I have an hour to come up with an entry. So I have to choose between my two easy topic ideas of "real life princesses who are hot" or "maps."

   Naturally I have decided to go with maps. So here's a map I drew awhile ago (like a year or two?) of my surrounding area. I'll even put it behind an lj cut

(small version)

Collapse )

Picture of the Day

From bottling the other day. Which actually reminds me just now that I could blog about that. hmmmm.
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