January 10th, 2010


Sunday Sundries II

   It's Sunday, which means it's once again time for the weekly issue of Shit You Don't Care About stuff I feel like posting in flagrant disregard for how much you want to read it.

Song Lyrics of the Week
   Item the first, song lyrics which I find clever / amusing!

   This week I will bring you two that are both political satires.

Against Me! - From Her Lips to God's Ears - By the excellent punk band Against Me! Well because the brilliant chorus of "CONDOLEEEEEEEZA!" repeats so much, just looking at the (lyrics) doesn't properly convey how awesome the song is, so you should listen to it instead.

Corb Lund Band - Student Visas - Corb Lund is a Canadian who normally sings countryish songs, often the kind of countryish songs I actually like. So I was kind of surprised when I was perusing his songs and came across this one. It's still kind along that melancholy country vein, but it's about being U.S. "black ops."
   It's a nice song and the lyrics are well composed and tell an interesting story. I think it's definitely worth a listen. (Apologies that all I could find to link to is a live recording.)

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   In other news, since my last music post I've discovered Pandora.com, which is much much better than last.fm. The only downside is you can't make it play a specific song on purpose so if you decide you liked a song and want to hear it again, you gotta go elsewhere to find it, but it is much much much better at finding songs you like. I had to skip past some 80% of the songs last.fm tried to recommend to me, but I find myself givings thumbs down to probably less than 5% of what Pandora tries to recommend to me and have discovered more new songs I like than I could even list here.

   I'm not sure this will display for those of you who are not me (which is hopefully at least 75% of the people who are reading this!) -- the station I created: And the Kitchen Sync. Oh ho ho I'm so witty with that name. Anyway you should heed my fascinatingly good musical taste and consider everything I seeded or thumbs-upped in there to be excellent.

   And now let's psychoanalyze two recent dreams I've had so we can properly gauge the no-doubt dismal state of my mental health, no?

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Picture of the Day

Sunrise in Newport Bay,
From the deck of the Hawaiian Chieftain
(a larger crop of same)

And now I need to shave off my muttonchops for to be presentable to work in the law mines Monday morning ):
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