February 21st, 2010


The Blogsabbath

   As you know we like to keep the blogsabbath here and post only inanities on sunday. As such you'll have to wait until monday to hear about the five hours stuck in the mud in the forest that was my workday on friday.
   Anyway I need to find my camera for the photographic evidence.

   So my weekend:

   I actually went to bed at the ungodly early hour of 9 something pm friday night. I know, I'm wild.
   Despite this I woke up at eight something feeling totally unawake. I think maybe I slept too long. Headed out the door to go volunteer at the local tallships. Was getting on the freeway when I realized I'd forgotten my camera, which irritated me because there are often opportune photo moments. Thought about turning back but was already running late
   Was about halfway there when I realized I'd forgotten my climbing harness. Oh HELLS no I'm not going down there without the ability to climb the masts!! I got off at the next exit and headed home for harness + camera.
   Couldn't find my camera at all, which instantly put me in a really bad mood because I do not like losing my camera. Usually it's on me at all times, the only reason it was possible to forget it was that it'd been out for repair for awhile recently so I had grown accustomed to it not being in my pocket.
   And as if my morning hadn't been going badly enough already then I couldn't find the keys which I had just used to drive halfway to Dana Point and back and get in the house. Finally they were in like the fifth place I looked.

   Other than that my weekend has been pretty unnoteworthy. I suspect my camera is in the work truck so I'm going to have to head over there today to liberate it. If it's not there I'll probably, you know, hyperventilate. In a very hardboiled manner.

On Being a Private Investigator
   Speaking of being hardboiled, you know that last LJI entry I wrote, the fanfic style detective story? It didn't actually occur to me as relevant until after, but I thought you might be interested to know I actually did apply to be a private investigator once.
   I'd been cruising craigslist looking for adventuresome jobs, which as you may have gathered are the only jobs I consider worth doing, when I came across a posting for private investigators. I applied and was invited to come in for an interview.
   Company had some name like a law firm (ie something like "Hodges, Levy, & Dreslinski LLC" or something), the inside was distinctly not black and white, full of smoke, dimly lit with ragged blinds in the window, and the man himself did not sit with his feet on his desk smoking a cigar. Nope it was warmly lit and altogether way to well decorated. Like it was a model home or something.
   The company owner fellow looked to be of vaguely persian extraction. He WAS kind of gritty and hard boiled I guess. He asked if I knew what they did and I mentioned that there had often been reports from private investigators in the files when I worked at a law firm that did family (ie divorce) law. His response was "I don't give a fuck who's fucking who!!" (and really, being as California is a "no fault" divorce state, it really doesn't make a lick of difference who is fucking who. Okay it had a funny effect on a "loss of consortium" claim once, but mostly they're just brought into divorce cases out of sheer spite)
   The short of it is basically that a private investigator does "everything it takes to put a case together that lawyers don't do themselves." Ie, the lawyers do all the legal research and put together arguments, but all the ground work is done by private investigators. Sounds like its a lot of snapping shots of the scene, interviewing random people who might know something pertinent. Probably not at all as glamorous as it seems on TV.
   Still I thought it sounded like a larf. When I didn't get the position (I blame the time Hughes & Sullivan LLC set me up to take a fall) I proceeded to look up private investigator positions in several other major cities .. nothing panned out though.

   Also relating to that LJI entry, I realized it's not the first time I wrote a fan fic style entry. Last year there was the Sarah Palin Slash-Fic in which Sarah Palin has an amorous encounter with superhappytime in the form of a moose.

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And Last But Not Least
   Having spent countless hours reading through that "Problem Sleuth!" webcomic (which is awesome and metaphysical!), I have now dug into the most recent creation by that author. Here is a recent frame which I thought was neat:

(or check out this one. neat!)

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