August 28th, 2010


LJ Shooutout SEASON II, Submission 1

   Quick hello from Tacoma. Once again I haven't been near internet and it looks like I won't be for the rest of the week (we're going on a week long charter!)... and we know there's only one thing that will compel me to be so bold as to make an update from the ship's computer -- a deadline! LJ Idol is long since over, some stuff happened, some entries were written, someone won, or something.. so I'm told. BUT

LJ SHOOTOUT Season II has begun! ayoub, last season's winner, is running it this year, so I can compete as best I can as just another competitor!

First prompt is here, it's basically a picture OF your favourite place to take pictures from (this picture taken this week), and a picture taken from there (anything taken in the last six months or this week). As with last year, anyone can join the competition simply by posting to this prompt! If interested please read the post and follow the instructions there!

I. Favourite Place to Take Pictures From

Aloft -- "The closest to heaven a sailor will ever get"

Taken today on the Canon Powershot 720IS
Resized, contrast adjusted, saturation adjusted

II. Picture From the above Place

Aloft as seen from Aloft -- My shipmate Will "trucks the mast" to unfoul the flag

Probably resized, contrast adjusted, saturation adjusted.

In Unrelated News
   While I'm making an update I may as well update on the happenings here. We've lost a lot of crew lately and gained a number as well so it kind of feels like a major change of the community here. Five crewmembers, --including our captain and most recent cook-- left on Monday. For a short interim we had the EIGHTH cook I've had on this boat and then the original cook, Knuckles, returned today. Our former first mate is now the captain.
   I sailed on the Lady Washington today since they were even shorter on crew than we are. I thought I'd feel terribly lost (since I haven't sailed on that ship in oh about nine months and then only for three weeks), but so many of their crew were only days old that I really didn't feel particularly behind on things at all.
   This upcoming week we'll be sailing all around on a private charter for the computer company that fixes our organization's computers. Should be interesting.

   I went with two shipmates to the mall here in Tacoma the other day because I was desperate to find the 10th Patrick O'Brian book. We were all totally overwhelmed and freaked out by the culture shock of being in the mall. But most shocking of all... THERE WAS NO BOOKSTORE IN THE MALL!!! NO BOOKSTORE!!! What is society coming to???