October 1st, 2010


LJSO Entry 4?

   With the usual technical difficulties.. I wasn't able to upload this week's batch of pictures to flickr, so the first one is going to be linked from where it exists on facebag:

(1) Rule of Thirds

Bridge of the Wishkah River (translates from local native american as "stench of death river")
Aberdeen, WA

Taken the other day, saturation and contrast and things probably fiddled with.

(2) A Picture That Has Nothing At All to Do With the Rule of Thirds

In the middle of a sail the captain urgently called me, specifically, up to the quarterdeck from the foredeck. I ran back and reported smartly, wondering what it could all be about, he pointed in his coffee mug and handed it to me... and there was this bumblebee having a bit more coffee than it intended. I pulled her out and nursed her back to health. We named her Barbecue Sauce.

July 17th, 2010
Probably contrast and/or saturation and or the usual shenanigans.