September 20th, 2011


LJI Season VII Index

   I don't think I ever made a formal announcement regarding my elimination from Season VII of the LJ Idol writing competition. Being as it happened on essentially what was already the worst day of my life I didn't have much to say about it at the time ... and still don't.

   But here's the beginning of the index of my entries from last season.

Season V Index
Season VI Index

Season VII Index:

Week 0: "Introduction" 2010-10-29
Entry: Introduction
Type: Essay
Poll Outcome: 76 votes (1.6%), 12th of 226 (95th percentile), and oddly the exact same number of votes I got on the Season 6 intro.

Week 1: "Here There Be Dragons" 2010-11-05
Entry: Here There Be Dragons
Type: narrative, informative
Poll Outcome: 67 votes (2.1%), 13th of 233 (94th percentile), I don't recall why there were more people in the second poll than the first.
Notes: Regarding the mini ecosystems that spring up around bee yards.

Week 2: "Deconstruction" 2010-11-13
Entry: Authority
Type: essay, ramble
Poll Outcome: 53 (4.6%), 35th of 233 (85th percentile)
Notes: Blah, not an entry I'm really recommend.

Week 3: "It's a Trap!" 2010-11-19
Entry: Alarming Developments For Wasp Kind
Type: narrative, informative
Poll Outcome: 50 (7.3%), 23rd of 215 (89th percentile)
Notes: Now here's one I'm quite proud of. True facts that keep wasps up at night!

Week 4: "Elephant in the Room" 2010-11-27
Entry: The Last Mammoth in the Room
Type: historical fiction, narrative
Poll Outcome: 71 (4.1%), 4th of 200 (98th percentile)
Notes: Did you know the last woolly mammoth is believed to have been killed as recently as 1700 BC?

TO BE CONTINUED... [as before I'll add to the index in installments which will be added to this list.]