December 14th, 2011


Choose Your Own Adventure! LJ Idol Topic!

This week's LJ Idol topic is "A Traveling Travesty." Whereas last week with the topic of bupkis all I could come up with all week was bupkis (er nothing) until my friend Aaron tipped me off to the gem that is argan oil, this week I have way too many possible ideas.

It's tempting to write about how in LJI Season 6 I had the joy of LJI drama reaching me in literally a hut on the Sinai Peninsula, where I checked my email from a tiny (one slow computer) bedouin internet cafe (yeah they have those, anything to squeeze a few more bucks out of tourists), and found out I was officially banned from completing that LJI season. But it would just be silly to bring that up again. ;D

I think I've narrowed down my options this week to two ideas:

(1) A true personal story involving TSA confiscating and disassembling a gavel that had my name engraved on it (its a "hammer-like" object!), also TSA agents being racist, also being interrogated by diplomatic security agents.

(2) A historical fiction about the improbable sounding but true story of how the world's most isolated tree, the only tree within a 250 mile radius in the Sahara was destroyed ... when a drunk driver crashed into it in 1973.

Option 2 is more in keeping with the kind of entries I usually like to write for LJI, that is, informing people of interesting true stories (and random facts!) from history, but precisely to change it up I'm thinking Option 1 might be a good change of pace.

However I have a feeling there will be a lot of other TSA horror stories submitted for this topic. /:

Poll #1803116 What should I write about?

What should I write about?

(1) Getting shafted by the TSA
(2) The Tree of Ténéré