April 12th, 2012


Nigeria II - Day 5

Thursday - Today we drove out to Farin Ruwa about three hours away. I was rather irked because one of the tallest waterfalls in the world is in Farin Ruwa but we didn't have time to go visit it. I saw it at a distance but it was so far away and indistinct that I couldn't even get a picture to come out.

   There were about 15 beekeepers in this area, many of whom had been doing beekeeping for many years (7-20), and had dozens of hives. And yet once again they had ONLY ONE SUIT between the lot of them, and only one smoker. Nearly all their hives are traditional log hives up in trees. They hoist them so high up in trees that it's a lot of work to get them down again I guess. But they have major problems with theft so I guess that's one countermeasure. But that and the fact that the log hives can't be opened to be inspected means its kind of a shot in the dark whenever they do decide to pull them down, whatever the condition they harvest them at that point. And speaking of shots in the dark they do it at night so the bees are flying about stinging less.
   So once again I think the emphasis here is going to be on making equipment. One beekeeper had some hives that were near the ground so we went there and inspected his hives.

   Bees were once again pretty docile and I was able to take off my gloves and veil right next to the opened hive.

   I believe we're planning on returning to this location, and I'm crossing my fingers we can work a visit to the falls into the plan!

   In unrelated news, it pains me that it is the ubiquitous practice here to throw trash on the ground. Plastic bags, bottles, whatever it is, out the window it goes! When I finish I bottle of water I've taken to trying to smuggle it safely to a trashcan without being noticed and told to just drop it. I'm not really sure where the trash cans empty to (it's been a mystery to me for awhile. Recall that the entire city of Ibadan with over a million people has 11 trash trucks), but it gives me piece of mind. Today we were out in the forest where the beehives were, and there was no other trash in the area. Someone tried to discard a plastic bag on the ground there and I just had to surrepticiously scoop it up and put it in the car. I'm sure they thought I was being weird. d:

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