August 15th, 2012


   So, continuing my search for a good creative writing website. After more than 48 hours there's still hardly any evidence of any activity on webooks. I even posted a "is anyone alive here??" post in the general forum and no response.

   So next I googled "writing" and wandered over to "" My first impressions were that it looked shockingly amateurish, and was full of advertisements and plugs to pay more for more "membership options" ... for example without paying, one can only host 10 pieces of writing on there.
   On further inspection... I found navigation to be a nightmarish byzantine labyrinth swamp. The mods all have sparkling gif images of lions and other retch-causing cheesiness abounds ... but despite that there's some writing on there that isn't altogether terrible.
   After 24 hours of poking around there, I've reviewed 18 pieces of writing (several of which were almost decent!), received 3 reviews of my own stories (one of which was more than a line!), accumulated 16,348 "GP" (gold pieces? guest points? gratuitous pork?) and, incomprehensibly, been gifted three months of "upgraded paid membership."

   In conclusion, is a strange swamp, demoralizing in its impossible-to-navigate amateur-looking framework, but seemingly full of life at least.

   There appear to be a number of writing contests going on over there, which is kind of what I'd been looking for. Since anyone over there can create one, there's a number of them. Unfortunately, most of them have really specific prompts ("write about a storm from the storm's point of view," "write about an angsty 16 year old girl who feels neglected, from the perspective of her gluton-intolerant calico cat, beginning with the words 'Justin Bieber'" ...), specifying not just a topic but a perspective and frequently several other elements which must be included. Much as I hate to warm what passes for a heart in that fellow Gary, Lord High Administrator and Pontifcal-Hat-Wearer of LJ Idol, it makes me appreciate that he always provides merely a word or phrase.
   I found a once-every-24-hours writing contest, and as I've got nothing but time on my hands for now (one week till I'm shipped off to Botany Bay Brisbane!), I thought this would be a fun daily distraction. Yesterday's topic was "about finding something lost many years earlier." Well I was tired of reading crappy cliche fantasy fiction, and had swamps on the mind due to inherent analogies to the digital setting, so I decided to write a parado fantasy story about an exiled king... who has spent the last ten years living deep in a swamp running a mediocre slug farm and making mediocre fungus whiskey.
   Within moments of posting it, I was notified that its rating was changed from "general audiences" to "13+," due to references to fungus whiskey. The thought that I'd start some poor young child down the path of fungus based spirits rather amused me. Anyway, my story didn't end up winning, the one judge instead selected some shmaltzy story about some guy losing his mind, or his family (I don't know, I lost interest three paragraphs in), that clearly is missing a comma only eight words in.
   Today's topic is the above referenced "storm, from the storm's perspective," which I'm going to go ahead and choose not to address.

   In conclusion, livejournal might still be the best place on the internet. And here's a picture of me falling out of an airplane: