January 29th, 2013


MASSIVE FLOODS - News Photo Roundup

Here's a roundup of some photos from the local newspaper.

I'm presently effectively on an island. Bundaberg --which is my link to the rest of the world-- is currently undergoing a massive airlift evacuation involving 12 helicopters (as well as a lot of little boats).

I called my boss and he said it's waist deep at his house, he's presently in the act of saving what he can and evacuating.

This is what the Burnett Railway Bridge usually looks like:

And this is what it currently looks like

As to the bees, its pretty flat out there so its hard to say what's high enough ground and what isn't. There are three trailers near the house which I'm sure are fucked. Most of the other trailers are in other fields in the area. Also the extracting shed and the stores of all the honey we've extracted already might be fucked. If all that is FUBAR, I'm not sure I'll even have a job anymore after this.

Anyway here's an article from the Bundaberg newspaper about the floods in Bundaberg. ("nine meter floodwaters!")