February 14th, 2013


Once Upon A Time in (Ultra) Deep Space

Somewhere beyond the Fornax constellation...

apologies for the extremely small size, photobucket was being quite tedious to work with. That first bubble says 'Captain, incoming!' and 'Con! Sonar!'

Five minutes pass...

I have no idea where I picked up the habit of putting a crossbar on the letter Z, but it's a thing I do.

And the catship runs off after the missile, the end.

Well putting that simple little thing together and posting it was surprisingly tedious. Experimented with a few different styles and I think I like the last one best, wherein space itself is not colored in at all and its just my original drawings colored in.

And bonus link that should excite you all as much as it did me, while searching the galaxy for inspiration I discovered all the Calvin and Hobbes Spaceman Spiff comics can be found here. They are pretty much the best thing ever (and a window into my mind).