November 10th, 2014



   I apologize for interrupting the continuity of my ongoing travelogue here, but I'm going to jump back in time for a moment to earlier in the trip. Before I was in Tanzania (tha mainland) I was in Zanzibar (an island off the Tanzanian mainland. Actually "Tanzania" is a portmanteau of Tanganyika (the mainland) and Zanzibar, but I digress). And when I was in Zanzibar, I was trying to update livejournal in a more or less "live" fashion and as such had no pictures uploaded. Well two months later, I finally have the pictures uploaded, so if you'll humor me for a moment, allow me to present just a few pictures from Zanzidoozle:

There were a great many traditional dhows all around the coast. I really wanted to go sailing on one but everyone at the hotels who booked things kept just brushing me off with "no they're not safe! they're not safe!" do I look like someone who cares if it's safe?? ;D

Nungwi, the village I was in for about three days, is up at the northern tip of the island. It's got a pretty well developed tourist infrastructure with some swanky resort hotels, but it's also a center of traditional boat building.

And there's a turtle sanctuary.
These aren't just small turtles. These are baby giant sea turtles. (:

And when the tide is out it's like a mile out.

This is the boardwalk in the mangrove swamps by the Jozani forest much further south on the island.

Also there were monkeys.

The islands of Zanzibar are also known as the "Spice Islands" (not to be confused with the other "Spice Islands" in Indonesia) due to their important historical role in the production and export of spices. Here we have visited the a spice farm after a spouting of the spice melange.

Sunset in Nungwi!

Sunset in Zanzibar Town!

Anyway, this is only a small sampling of my pictures from Zanzibar, please see the rest on flickr. (:

[Originally posted 2015/01/14]