November 15th, 2014


Gosh Darn Monkeys!

   Once again we're going to break continuity and post pictures from earlier in the trip, from a time when I didn't have any pictures up yet to accompany my entries. Today I present you with just a short series of pics of the monkeys at the picnic area at Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, which I title "Gosh Darn Monkeys!"

( All pictures I uploaded today )

[Originally posted 2015/01/20]

Picture(s) of the Day

Okay more pictures from the roadtrip across Tanzania. I swear the regular narrative will continue eventually.

This was a dancing troupe that was dancing to welcome us to one of the bee sites we visited on the official three day "technical excursion" after the conference. We had a similar welcome at one other site but unfortunately that was after sunset and no good pictures.

And I took a video!

( Eight pictures uploaded today )

[Originally posted 2015/01/23]