September 22nd, 2016


24 of 30 - TV Series Idea: Building Civilization

   So I don't watch much TV but for awhile I was really fascinated with Naked and Afraid. It's fascinating watching people try to eke out an existence without any help whatsoever from modern technology, and the drama of complete strangers trying to get along in these difficult conditions while starving is a bit of a guilty pleasure as well.
   I've had an idea though that jumps off of this for an even better idea (in my humble opinion). What if it basically begins just like Naked and Afraid... but when the first people are ready to clock out new people are able to take over where they left off. So while the first people start out plumb ass naked, maybe they can make something to cover oneself for the next people, as well as hand off any sharpened sticks or other simple tools they've made and their shelter. Since we don't have 100,000 years for civilization to evolve maybe among the early groups someone with experience in pottery will be sent in to try to "invent" making some bowls and things from the resources at hand, or a basket weaver, or someone who reckons they know how to find and plant food plants.
   Maybe the local area will be seeded with harder to find resources, like rocks containing copper and tin ore, so that once the participants have thoroughly mastered the stone age someone can try to tackle smelting to bring them into the bronze age ..... and keep on going from there!

   I think this would not only be every bit as entertaining as Naked and Afraid but thoroughly interesting in a "how things work" sort of way as well as an actual "experimental archaeology" sort of project.

   Personally I think this is an extremely epic idea and I even tried to google around how to pitch show ideas but all I got was a bunch of websites that want suckers and chumps to PAY to have their stupid idea "pitched" (I bet the people who run those webpages don't even have any connections and don't do anything with them except maybe read them for laughs at the pub).