September 7th, 2021


Psychology Tests!

   So my brother Tobin recently sent me a link to a "Statistical 'Which Character' Personality Quiz", which might sound like some inane clickbait quizlet except he wouldn't deign to communicate with me over anything inane (note also he did not accompany it with any greeting, commentary, or further explanation. And I responded with "interesting." End of conversation.). So yeah it turns out the quiz in question uses data from everyone who takes the quiz to compare your answers with the aggregate reported perceptions of some 1600 fictional characters.

   The first time I took the normal recommended 36 question quiz I got this character Rust Cohle from True Detective, if anyone is familiar with the character. The first name down the list that I recognize is Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity which is pretty sweet. I swear I'm not a secret CIA operative pretending to travel the world doing sometihng innocuous ::shifty eyes::

   Then I took the "exhuastive" 140 or so question version and the first answer was "Vitruvious" who is apparently from the Lego movie. First name I recognize at #3 is Gandalf, which, again, sweet.

   Both times the person I was LEAST like came out as Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls.

   There's also a "peer report" version of the test where you report on your friends or they report on you, which obviously will show the perception others have of you rather than what you have of yourself, which is interesting. I posted the link for me on facebook and only five friends filled it out, so it's not a terribly large data set, but the #1 match is "Mark Watney" the main character from "The Martian," which, wow my friends really think I'm smart I guess!
   I don't know if this link will work, it's a different format from the results links for the others, but if it does, I'd be interested if you have any thoughts on the other top matches since none of the other top ten matches for me are known to me at all. The next highest on the list I recognize is Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and then Data from Star Trek. Apparently my friends really think I'm just a brain in a jar ;)
   If you want to fill out the peer review survey on me this is the link, though I don't really know most of you. ::shrug::

   The "Open Psychometrics" website has a bunch of other interesting tests that appear to be similarly backed by fairly solid science rather than the usual internet fluff.

   Another interesting result I found is I took the "Multidimensional Introversion-Extroversion Scales Test." After answering I-forget-exactly-how-many questions it rates you on a scale of -500 to +500 that has been adjusted so self reported introverts average -100 and self reported extroverts average +100 and both form symmetrical bell curves.
   To quote the results page about my results:
"Subscore 1
You score for the first subcomponent of Introversion-Extraversion was -301. This scale reflects how much you like being around people, more or less.
Subscore 2
You score for the second subcomponent of Introversion-Extraversion was 127. This scale reflects how socially confident you are and your inclination towards leadership."
   So, wow, this indicates I basically deeply dislike being around people way more than even your average introvert, but am actually more inclined towards leadership than even your average extrovert. I think this result makes so much sense to me. Though it could be misconstrued like being around people totally ruins my day or something and it's not that, jsut that I really really don't have any particular need to be generally around people any by and large would rather isolate myself from the bustle of other people unless I have a particular reason to do otherwise.

   This also rather tracks with and reminds me of something I was thinking when I was taking that business class last semester and we were talking about "leadership" -- which was that I was thinking well yes I'm fully capable of taking leadership successfully but it comes at a cost and I prefer not to unless I need to. Like, some people want to be leaders just for the sake of being leaders but I would rather avoid being a leader unless no one else is reasonably capable and then I will do it and do it well.

   Also also it all reminds me of a thing I noticed during lockdown. Normally it's bloody cold here and I have the heater going all winter. But on the few occasions someone stopped by and came into my house to chat I found myself immediately feeling like I was overheating and turning down the heater. And in fact when I was on zoom classes the moment I was speaking I was also overheating. I didn't feel nervious or anxious in any of these interactions but the act of socially interacting definitely appeared to push my metabolism into a much higher gear, which is probably why I subconsciously basically find extensive social interaction tiresome.

   I might take some more of the tests this evening and add the results to this entry.

Putting this here mainly for my own records, but it looks like I maxed out emotional stability on this one.