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30 in 30!

   Once again it is June. June is a month of danger, adventure and change. June (was) the month of finals, getting kicked in the head and sent the hospital in an ambulance, epic roadtrips across the country, and significant other events. Possibly because its when the school year has always ended, June has always felt to me more like the rollover to a new year and time to reflect on the past year than New Years itself.

   And of course June is traditionally the month of blogging every day. I feel this is appropriate to a month of introspection, reevaluation, and change. The tradition of 30 in 30 of course focuses on introspection of blogging -- in the selection of topics and how they're portrayed one must always consider the intended audience and purpose of the blog. When one is just casually blogging whenever one feels like it this isn't nearly as much an issue as when aiming to blog daily.
   And of course, this keeps one thinking more deeply about things. To come up with something worth writing about daily one has to go through the day thinking about all kinds of things that come up, exploring whether one can come up with something interesting to say about anything that comes up. And this of course, leads to a lot of critically evaluating daily things which one otherwise wouldn't pause to think much about.

   People occasionally scoff at the idea of blogging, and expecially having a livejournal. And I don't entirely blame them -- I have poked around livejournal a bit searching for intelligent life out there and it appears that a good fifty percent of it is this depraved thing called "fandom" where people (A) make a lot of icons from screencaps from their favourite anime movie, vote on them, and get in fights over alleged "stealing" of them from eachother, (B) write sordid "fanfic" about how their favourite characters go on (in their minds) to have highly inappropriate relationships with eachother, (C) etc. Another 40% or so is in cyrillic and who knows what they're saying but sometimes they post cool pictures. BUT
   While this overflow of insipidity certainly casts aspersions on the idea of blogging, I think it should be understood that blogging can also be quite meritious. There certainly is no better way to keep in contact with a large number of people you don't talk to every day. And its certainly a better use of time than watching TV or playing computer games. I happen to really like to write, and I don't know what other venue I'd have to do so if it weren't for blogging. I suppose I could start the Great American Novel, but personally I don't think there's any point in writing if no one is going to read it.

   Anyway this month I have plans for some philosophical rants, stories of drama and debauchery, random interesting facts (which may involve possums), stuff about bees (such as the fascinating story of Apis mellifera capensis, I know you're excited!), and more!
   Also already today xaositecte, tonytornado2003, and meowmeowpants have officially made 30 in 30 entries. Additionally metalphoenix has which is exciting because she wasn't recruited by me. I envision a day when 30 in 30 has a momentum of its own ::gazes off into the distance::

Tags: 30 in 30, phase 4

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