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02 of 30 - Poll Time!


   I'm leaving in half an hour to drive across the state to do some beekeeping, so this entry is going to be short. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow -- I better be because I have a job interview with the state department on Wednesday!!

   Also Trillian's been not loading for days and I'm not sure if its a recoverable situation. It keeps telling me "ERROR: [null] at line 2" and something about a parsing error when I try to load it up. I've been using regular AIM in the mean time but it fills me with loathing.
   Also I'm not sure why, I mean I haven't put anything much new on my computer lately but its been giving me constant "not enough free space" errors. In particular itunes stops and gives me a "itunes music library file cannot be saved, the disk you are attempting to us is full." It however proceeds as normal after I click "okay" so I'm not sure what the consequences of this is.

Picture of the Day

Some of the few remaining orange groves in Orange County can be seen beyond the power pylons.
In the foreground a huge thistle (an invasive species) grows in the middle of an old abandoned road.

Also, DO THE POLL!!! (=
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