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Suddenly: Brain Surgery ):

Dear Everyone,

Many of you know my dear mother, furzicle. Three days ago she had an MRI, because she'd been having head aches ("not even very severe ones, but they'd come at night and keep me awake") for months. Came home and went about her business, but then a few hours later the doctor called, saying she had just looked at the scan and... mom should proceed immediately to the emergency room. It turns out my mom has a brain tumor "the size of an orange." It is believed to have been growing for five years now, and is believed to be benign. Today (Tuesday) she will be having brain surgery to remove it.

She's been at the hospital since Saturday. Yesterday she had a cerebral angiogram, which is apparently where they put a tube through your veins to look around, and it was quite an intensive thing itself. Yesterday evening she described herself as "kind of a basketcase" but still came across as relatively upbeat. About the surgery itself I heard her remark on the phone to my older brother that "dad is more worried than I am."

I'm here at the hospital now, its about another hour until they're supposed to wheel her out for the surgery (1pm PST). If you would like to leave comments with your supportive messages for her I'll read them to her.* She was greatly pleased with the flood of supportive messages from her coworkers and friends and family.

* except livejournal seems to be down for me at the moment, hopefully it comes back. Special thanks to Tea who is posting this for me in the mean time.**


** Mom complains that she was trying to post herself but was having the same technical problems.

( Part II )
Tags: hospitals, medical emergencies, mom
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