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The Sailor's Revenge

its rather difficult to freehand a bell shape

   In case I drew this too badly to get my idea across, and for the vision impaired, I shall explain: a two masted sailing vessel is shown at anchor, its freshly swabbed deck and freshly polished bell gleaming. Along comes an osprey and drops a huge "deuce" on the ship. If you've never seen an osprey do this, which I suppose you likely haven't, its a little like a B-52 on a carpet-bombing run. I once watched one take out a whole row of cars, which gave me the idea of this comic.

   Anyway, the sailor who just finished beautifying the Good Ship Jayus falls to his knees in anguish. But then he sees the osprey land in its nest atop a tree on some nearby land and he gets an idea -- he rows and he rows, and then he climbs and he climbs, and then he drops a deuce of his own right in the osprey's nest.

[In the process of coloring them, hopefully coloring will be completed by tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.]
Tags: cartoons, comics, drawings, lj idol entry
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