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Ogres Across the Fence

   Well people seemed to like my story about the other day so how about another daily adventure.

   This one involves some people behaving like ogres.

   I started at 0730 in the city of Orange, and from there I was sort of all over the place, but mainly in north county. Meanwhile, down in the office someone from the German national radio station ARD came by to inteview Dave (boss). Two weeks ago a German documentary crew had come by.. I guess we're "Big in Germany" ... like David Hassellhoff ;D

   Anyway the highlight of the morning calls was when a homeowner tipped me this hatfull of tangerines from their tree:

This image hosted by instagram, which I'm not experimenting with. Hopefully the link stays functional.

   And then I had this call up in Brea, the very northern end of our territory, practically in Los Angeles County (ie the edge of the world). The very nice old fella had bees in his back fence. But first I got thoroughly distracted by his sweet model ships!!

That is a sweet ship!!

   Anyway it turns out the back fence where these bees were was not a fence at all. High back-to-back neighbors had a shed the wall of which was the property line. The outer wall of the shed was decaying, though the inner looked intact -- looked like it would be no problem to remove just enough of the outer planking to remove the beehive. Just had to go talk to them.
   So I drove around to their side, and knocked on their doors. Almost immediately a cacophony of yapping dogs erupted from inside the house. Eventually an ogrish girl who may have been anywhere from 16-21 appeared behind the screen door and shouted "WHAT DO YOU WANT??" over the yapping dogs.
   "UH... THERE'S ... THIS BEEHIVE! IN YOUR SHED!!" I tried to explain over the din.
   "I CAN'T TELL YOU ANYTHING UNTIL MY MOM GETS HERE, COME BACK AT FOUR THIRTY!" she said again. I said okay and goodbye and beat a retreat from that infernal din.
   I know there's a lot of dog lovers on here, and I've met many a very sweet dog, but I really really can't understand what's appealing about living with the kind of yapping hellbeasts that make such an abominable racket like this.
   Anyway, so I returned to the nice old fella and told him I'd have to come back at four thirty (it was around noonish).

   So then I went about my day, which involved these bees on a mailbox:

"you've got mail!"

   Which I'll have to know I removed live. When I informed the homeowner of this she said "well that makes me happy I guess, I don't know why, but it does."

   Went about my day and returned to the call in Brea just after 4:30. Took some pictures of it so I'd have a visual aid for the neighbors and then drove around to their side. On their door I find a sign, which I took a picture of but for some reason it's not transferring off my camera as an image anything else can process, so alas you won't get the full effect.
   But it read:


Bee exterminator: please leave your number and we will call you, thank you.

   So after I rearranged my day, including trading jobs with other technicians, so I would be free to do this job at 4:30, after I drove up to the far corner of our territory (for the SECOND TIME) in the very middle of rush hour traffic, which would also cause me to be working late ... they want me to just leave me number so they can call me whenever they feel like it? And when does someone who gets off work at 4:30 have time to be sound asleep almost immediately and be a day sleeper? Getting home from work at 4:30 sounds to me more like normal person schedule.
   I heard someone walking around in there but I didn't want to arose their wroth by knocking againts their very specific instructions so I tried tapping insistently on the window but they ignored it. I left my card and couldn't resist noting on the back that I'd just driven through rush hour traffic from the other end of the county specifically because I was told they could meet me at this time.

   Went back over and killed the bees.. we'll have to remove them later I guess. It was tempting to just remove them anyway, I could have pulled those rotten planks off with my hands, but probably best not to mess with these obviously ill-behaved neighbors.

   As I was leaving I drove past the ogre neighbors house again -- they had taken down the sign and my card... but hadn't called me. Yeah do they take signs off their door in their sleep?

   In conclusion these people were being colossal assholes to me for no reason at all. Ugh.
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