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4 of 30 - Being Interrogated

   Quick update on 30 in 30. Current participants appear to be xaositecte, tonytornado2003, meowmeowpants, metalphoenix, memeworrywort, kilkenny, hereticxxii, anyamartinez, and jnel (friends-only though). Hopefully I didn't forget anyone?
   I realize it would be nice if all the participants could be perused in one place. I'll come up with some kind of devious solution to this.

   In the mean time you should check out this crazy video meowmeowpants found of someone completely flipping out in an office and throwing computers around. I also thought this post by metalphoenix was kind of neat.

   And speaking of things that are neat. 28bytes made a periodic table of presidents:

Click here to see 28bytes entry on the subject.

   In other news, yesterday I was up all night, got stung thirty times and moved over a ton (literally) of beehives. TODAY I was interrogated by a special agent in an interrogation cell.
   Seriously. Well I was there to take a test to apply for a job, but let me describe the room they put me in. They sat me down in a small square room with a table bolted to the floor. They left the door open but I noticed the door looked big and heavy and locked from the OUTSIDE. There was a window looking out to the hall but then I noticed I was only seeing the wall of my cell in it -- it looked like a mirror from my end. On the ceiling in one corner was a surveillance camera and two big lights (not on) were pointed directly at my end of the table, such that they'd be shining right in the eyes of someone sitting there if they were on. It was a full on interrogation room!

   Anyway I wasn't gonna count this towards 30 in 30 but as its half ABOUT 30 in 30, but since its the third entry I've made today I figure between them I have today covered. (=

   Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm back to working beehives.
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