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Better Late Than Never.. Deleted Scenes!

   I wish I had known the above painting existed at the time I wrote my Crossing the T entry! It portrays exactly what I was describing, but being done historically. The pictured vessel is becalmed and in order to make way it both has its sweeps out AND has a smallboat in the water trying to give it a tow!

(from this fine little collection of paintings of sailing ships)

   In related news I'm going sailing on the good ole Lady Washington again tomorrow!

   And while I'm on the subject of pictures that should have been entries, I had meant to include this in the last entry about Gallipoli, but in the end it didn't fit, I think the entry would have been too picture heavy with a third picture, esp as he was a main character, but recall Vognsen, as in "The man immediately to his right, Vognsen, was hit as soon as they came over the lip, falling backwards with a muffled yelp." This is for him:

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