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Open Topic Open Brainstorm Post

   So the latest topic I have for LJ Idol is "Open Topic." And I think I'm going to use this idea I've had for awhile. But I could use ideas to flesh it out, because, among other things, I've never actually played Dungeons and Dragons ;)

The Idea is Thus: Setting: Sometime in the relatively distant future in the basement of a space station (yes the basement) several youths gather to play Dungeons and Dragons (possibly now known by a different name). The setting of the game they're about to play? The relatively distant past (ie contemporaneaous to you dear reader)
   The basic idea is to poke fun at the wild misconceptions about contemporary life that such future persons might have, as well as how unrealistic the typical "dungeon crawl" is from the perspective of someone whose normal life might be the setting for such an adventure.
   As such the cast of characters will involve a wildly disparate set of characters (such as elf paladins and barbarian healers palling around together in a normal RPG), including character types that would not have actually existed at the same time (such as a computer programmer and a cowboy perhaps), as well as such 20th / 21st century standbys as "professional athlete" and "reality television star" (as character castes!), and probably an attorney, because that's sure to result in hilarity. If I can think of a character type that doesn't exist yet to throw in there perhaps I'll do that too. Similarly technology will be a mix of 19th through late 21st century.
   In-game setting: probably a fictional American state. Exhibiting a lack of understanding of the level of sovreignty of American states, it will probably be at war with another American state. I'm thinking the characters will go on a "dungeon crawl" through a mall or something. In pursuit of some sort of artifact. No idea what this will be (ideas?)

   Pending issues: (1) no idea what the goal of the questing characters shall be; (2) if the "real" persons of the kids playing the game grow or learn anything from the experience; (3) what monsters they'll fight; (4) any more ideas for more D&D / Fantasy tropes to parody are appreciated!

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