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Poll Time!

There's a poll on! The top three get to keep on writing in the infamous "Livejournal Idol" competition, while the bottom two vote getters are eliminated, and no doubt compelled to sit in the corner facing the wall.

As of this moment I am one of those bottom two. I find this somewhat alarming and would like the opportunity to continue writing, so please read my entry, be incredibly amused by it, and vote for me, emo_snal!

Poll #1987185 LJ Idol, Season Nine, Last Chance Idol - Week 5
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


My entry is about a far distant dystopian future, and by dystopian I mean so god damn boring that they look back on our current day as an exciting time! And in their fantasy 20thish century there's pirates! And gun-battles! And maybe even a little hint of romance!

There are not, however, tree-dwelling land octopii, that comes in Episode III.

...but Episode III won't come for awhile because this upcoming Sunday (3.3125 chrons from now) I will leave the country to return to Africa! So if I stay in the competition you get to hear about my upcoming adventures in Nairobi, and Tanzania (did someone say Serengeti or Olduvai Gorge?), and Zanzibar (Zzzzzanzibar!!) and possibly even during my ten hour layover in Istanbul!
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