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09 of 30 - Blogdorianism

hereticxxii issued me the following challenge:

   "Completely fabericate your own original religion (ie Justifarianism, Harry Potter fandom) and detail it in your blog. Within 5 days get 5 converts to this new religion to announce thier faith in comment section of your post."

Allow me to introduce you to Blogtheism -- the religion of The Dread God Blogdor.

   Blogdor believes that the undocumented life is an unlived life.
   Blogdor has been with us since ancient times. It was Blogdor who inspired cavemen to "blog" cave paintings on walls.
   Blogdor is NOT a jealous god -- he is actually quite secure in his omnipotence and okay with you continuing to also believe in his friend the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or say Cthulhu or even that zombie guy.
   It pleases Blogdor when people participate in 30 in 30. 30 in 30 is a sacred event of Blogtheism.
   It pleases Blogdor to be referred to as "The Dread God Blogdor," although he is not in fact actually very dreadful.
   Because all religions need arbitrary rules about what you can eat, Blogdor declareth that thou shallt not eat moldy sandwiches or motor oil. Additionally Blogdor commandeth that thou shallt not eat anything thou findeth repungnant. If someone tries to feed you something which you find odious you are to inform them it is against your religion.
   Waking up early on Sunday mornings will also be against your religion ... unless you want to.
   To officially join the religion of Blogtheism, Blogdor ordains that you are to merely comment to this entry!

Classic 30 in 30 Entry of the Day
   The Ten Blogmandments -apoplecticfittz. ("#4 - Honor thy father and thy mother for they shall find, and read, your blog" ... such wisdom!)


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