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11 of 30 - Princess Leia: Alive and Well in the Ukraine

   I missed posting yesterday due to being in transit and then arriving in Flagstaff, Arizona, and not being near a computer. Presently, however, the friend I'm visiting is at work so I'm nerding away. Not sure I'll be able to update tomorrow and the next day but I'll catch up eventually. Anyway:

   I give you the Prime Minister of the Ukraine:


   Thats right, the princess herself has come to Earth and is masquerading as one "Yulia Tymoshenko," and in this capacity is rising to power in Ukraine (to advance her devious Alderaanian agenda?).

   Also, you should read (or at least skim through like I did) this pretty funny post alleging the princess has a secret goth agenda.

(Left: Totally steampunk! Centre: LOL Ukraine!! Right: Jedi mind tricks!!!)

More Tymoshenko stylings
Tags: 30 in 30, phase 4, princesses, ukraine

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