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13 of 30 - Television Series Proposals

   Today I bring you... several brilliant ideas I have for new television series!

7. "Evil Star Trek" - Obviously not under that name but that captures the concept best of any short phrase I could think of.
   As you know Captain Jean-Luc Picard has always been sickeningly politically correct and good, causing Patrick Stewart to play predominantly evil characters ever since. Now wouldn't the series be much more exciting if the Federation officers behaved much more like, say, the Empire from Star Wars?
   "Captain, the fugitives we are looking for may be stowed-away on that passenger transport among the orphans its currently carrying"
   "Fire photon torpedoes!!"
   "Con! Sonar! Crazy Ivan!"

6. The Smurfs go to College - and become raging alcoholics!! Smurfette joins a sorority. To keep it up with the times we also introduce Emo Smurf, Rudie Smurf, Punk Rock Smurf, Addicted-to-Livejournal Smurf, Slut Smurf... Gargamel continues to attempt to break up their parties and slap them with noise ordinance violations, as well as to catch the under-age Jail-Bate Smurf binge drinking...

5. Mystery Livejournal Theatre 3000 - watch two robots heap ridicule and derision upon badly written livejournals. Or maybe Strong Bad should host it, he has of course pioneered the art of making hilarious commentary on people's writing.

4. Americas Next Top Normal Person - a group of random (yet mostly normal) strangers are compelled to live together and interact in a tense environment, for some reason, and ::gasp:: who ever handles everything with the most well-adjusted social skills is rewarded!

3. Host Idol - Aside from all the drama thats fostered among the contestants of most reality shows, I also feel like most of the hosts / judge panels get seriously egomaniacal through their overenjoyment of the power of being the "host" (though I get the impression that Tyra Banks was always like that, via hilarious clips of her talk show that are echoed elsewhere for the hilarious egomania content). What I want to see is all the smarmy judges / hosts from everything from American Idol to "Flavour of Love: Charm School" (and especially Tyra and her cohorts) and have THEM compete with eachother and be subject to eliminations. They would have to compete at normal things your average person might have to deal with. Additionally, there will definitely be scrutiny of their qualifications as judges, where they will be judged by professional review-writers, judges, and other persons qualified in the area of evaluating and judging people.

2. Supervillian Intern - A comedy about an entry-level intern working in the organization of a James Bond-esque evil villian. Activities will involve photocopying, office gossip, avoiding being killed by the good Secret Agent, calling around to find a contract killer to take care of some "former" employees (who have been seduced by the Secret Agent?), feeding the killer mutant sea bass, etc.

1. When the Zombies Come - Zombie movies are so popular, and yet, as far as I am aware, no one has ever made a TV series about surviving the zombie onslaught. Wtf, this is gold. You could go on forever as the cast tries to survive post zombie-apocalypse.

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