Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
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16 of 30 - Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways To Know You Livejournal Too Much

10. You remember the names of people you meet, for the sole purpose of referring to them later in your lj.
09. Livejournal is your primary method of communication with your friends andt he world.
08. People in real life frequently refer to you by your lj name
07. You meet strangers who know what you did last Tuesday, and have their own opinions about it.
06. Your girlfriend accuses you of loving livejournal more than her
05. You develop intricate theories about livejournaling
04. During events you find yourself thinking "I can't wait to write about this!"
03. During events you plot HOW you're going to write about them later.
02. Writing in livejournal actually takes the place of going out and doing things.
01. You find yourself obligated to make an unreasonable amount of posts because in a moment of weakness yourself and other wayward livejournalers vowed to do so.
Tags: 30 in 30, phase 4

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