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17 of 30 - Blogological Statistics

   Today it was 105 degrees here. d=

   Anyway, its a commonly known fact that no one comments on anything over the weekend, so its particularly unmotivating to blog during such a time. Anyway, I'm going to take the opportunity to do a statistical evaluation.

   This LJ, in the previous 11.5 months:
Posts Per Month: 4.75 (up from a 3.88 lifetime average)
Comments Per Post: 6.05 (Lifetime: 4.61)
Friends-Of Growth: +81.48% (from 108 to 196), which happens to outpace the growth of my friends list itself which only increased 78.59%

Picture of the Day / Year Ago Today


   Year Ago Today I met up with my friend Aaron Aviv in New Orleans. Incidentally, he and his wife happen to be visiting presently and I was over at his parents house yesterday for a BBQ.

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