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New Names?

The House
   So I've been thinking that my adorable little house needs a name. That's a thing. The house across the street has a placard on the gate declaring it "Birchwood Place," or something, and many other houses have cute little names around here.
   At first I was kinda flailing about for ideas, but then after listing my extra bedroom on AirBNB (a great decision, the two couples who have stayed so far were both delightful to talk to and basically the way I see it I'm getting $100 to clean my own place) I was thinking how I'd have to explain to people that my house is heavily America-influenced and for example they better be prepared to drink real actual brewed coffee instead of Australia standard instant and deal with me having a christmas tree up in June because it's gosh darn winter ... and then I was like oh I should have a name that reflects this melding. Ameristralia? Ausfornia? Birremerica? (I'm in the town of Birregurra recall) Califgurra? Wait wait Caligurra actually isn't half bad! Also my home town is Mission Viejo, so on a humorous note I was thinking Nuevo Mission Viejo (New Old Mission) would be pretty funny, but not really a name I'm feeling. The full battery of humor in a name would be South Austral Nuevo Mission Viejo del Sud!

   So welcome to Austral Caligurra! Now I just need a cute little name plate to hang on the front gate.

The Blog
   So increasingly I'm feeling inclined to share my travelogues in semi professional places (for example I thought it might be nice to put a link in my personal profile on AirBNB), but "emo-snal" is kind of a weird name. And I get a lot of "you still use livejournal?!" from friends.
   Now here's one thing I'll tell you: I'm not about to leave livejournal! But I might try t figure out how to automagically cross-post to blogspot or something? Because it does appear to "look more professional" to have a blog on blogspot or wordpress. But every blog, EVERY blog, I've seen on either of those sites inevitably has maybe, MAYBE, one comment it one entry somewhere (usually by the writer's mother). And comments aren't everything of course but I don't have to tell you I'm sure that it's nice to get feedback and not fun to feel like you're talking into a vacuum ... and if they have a view counter it usually hovers at a few dozen, maybe a few hundred if they're popular. Once upon a time I put view counters in a few LJ entries and (admittedly this was back in the LJ heyday of the mid 2000s) it clicked up hundreds of views a day (which admittedly was probably not hundreds of people looking at it so much as you maniacs reloading your friends lists but the point is people to actually see the entries). So in conclusion I don't think blogs on blogspot or wordpress get many views unless they're one of the 1% who somehow goes viral. So viva la livejournal!

   Emo-snal Name Origin Story: When I first created my livejournal freshman year of college back in 2002 not more than a few minutes of thought went into the name, just "haha livejournal is so emo, so... emosnail!" (my yahoo email address was winged_snail). And then emo-snal split off as a prank turned experiment turned more successful than emosnail (namely I used emo-snal the first time I entered LJ Idol and by the time I was through with that season of LJI I had so much more going on on emo-snal than emosnail).

   So thinking of changing the name to something completely different finally (even though that'll break SO many internal links ): ). As long as I'm going through with this I feel it ought to be something really great. Nothing has struck me as really great yet. I use the name Arrghonaut in a few places, its a nice blend of piraty arrgh with travel / classically mythological / also sailing related argonaut. Then it occurred to me that you know, I work in "ag," which is to say agriculture. I bounced "ag-onaut" off my friend thinking it was a throw-away but maybe that's not the worst, and she shot back with Aggienaut (Someone who works in Ag is an Aggie, and it happens to have been my college's mascot!). Could be a thing. I suppose if I'm going to create a blogspot that automatically repeats from here I could just use the new name there and not bother renaming this one and breaking all my precious links.

   Humorous throw away name that's an obscure literary reference: if the house is Caligurra, it could be Caligurra's Horse!! (see also, Caligula's Horse)

   Other obscure literary reference tagline -- Don Quixote is always on about the romantic ideals of wandering "Knights Errant," so I'm thinking "Tales of a Beekeeper Errant" would be a fun tagline / subtitle. Possibly also title of one of my future autobiographical books ;) (though "I don't know about the rest of you," a favorite way to start FB status updates of mine, is still my favored autobiography title)
   Also you should read Don Quixote it's fantastic.
   Also zero of the half dozen or so Australians I polled had even HEARD of Don Quixote, which I must admit I was kind of alarmed about. I had proposed the trivia team name of "Don Quiz-xote & the Flailing Windmills" and everyone was like "is that a reference to something?" ... then no one could answer what two cities A Tale of Two Cities was about or what book Herman Melville wrote and I had to conclude apparently literature is not part of the education system here. :-|

   Anyway neither of these names is set in stone and suggestions are more than welcome!

Tags: caligurra, meta, operation aggienaut

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