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An Exciting Week in Politics

   Well it's been four years since I used the "politics" tag (last post: George W Bush Noodz!) and I even already made a post today, and normally don't post about information that's general knowledge probably known to all of you, but I feel quite compelled to make at least a quick post because I've just been dying to discuss the latest events and all one of the humans I actually interacted with in real life today here didn't have an opinion.

   So.. wow. I wake up and load the news on my phone as I always do and thought I read it wrong. Scarface-a-mucci canned already! Let us review. Last week he is appointed (who was his predecessor in that position? no one knows!) and fan favorite Spicy Salsa immediately resigned rather than work under him. Scarface then wasted no time lambasting everyone and acting more like Trump than Trump. Apparently his wife filed for divorce because she was so disgusted with his powergrab, AND he missed the birth of his son. Meanwhile he was shitting all over the one guy connecting this crazy White House and the Republican mainstream, Rience Probot (which is totally a goblin name if I ever heard one). Finally he gets his wish and the axe falls on Goblin-name ... only to be replaced by General Ned Kelly (Sorry that's an Australia joke, some other Kelly then) who within an hour throws Scarface-moochy out the provberbial window! (I say proverbial but I definitely picture in my mind the general literally picking up the guy bodily and throwing him screaming out of an upper window) This is just like some Greek tragedy where the protagonist through blind greed and hubris ruins his own life!!

   As one of my friends commented, "at least he contributed something: now Brannon is indelibly linked to self-fellatio."

   And also in dramatic political news, how about Sen McCain hurrying to the Capitol last week immediately after brain surgery, everyone thinking he was in such a hurry to help repeal Obamacare what with voting to bring the matter to a vote, and then casts the tie breaking vote to sink the repeal (credit duly given to the other two Republican senators who voted against it, but man the drama of the way McCain rushed back).

   In conclusion, politics sure have been exciting lately. It's now bedtime here in Australia and I can't wait to wake up to find out what happens next! And I don't even need HBO for this!

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