Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

20 of 30 - Youtubers

      Today for 30 in 30 I am going to post my top ten thirteen youtube videos.

13. Everyday Normal Guy (song) (warning: much profanity)
12. Nerdfighter Happy Dance (Russian ska music!!)
11. Food Fight
10. The Mean Kitty Song
9. Cubicle Wars
8. Talking Deer
7. Linkin Park Parody
6. Mainstream Media Commercial
5. Homeless James Bond "Ah its a stabbing device ... with a twist!"
4. Powerthirst I "Prepare to be UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC!"
3. Powerthirst II "Win at everything, football, running, arson ... weddings!"
2. Sunday Afternoon
1. Automated Phone Sex

Tags: 30 in 30, phase 4, youtube videos

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