Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Measuring the Width of Your Dreams

   The lights flicker, the concrete walls shudder, there's an emormous "ZORCH!!" noise. You wait several anxious moments and then the battleship gray metal door with a yellow radioactive symbol on it slides open and a bit of smoke comes out. emo_snal emerges wearing what appears to be ... scuba gear.
   "I've done it! I've opened a portal to the Dreamwidth dimension! I've established a research mission over there, AND, combined emosnail, emo_snal and emo_snl! I introduce you to: Operation Aggienaut!"

   Now, I'm not leaving you. I'll never leave you! ...or at least not without coming back here and laying it all out how we've discovered life really is well and truly completely better over there and urging everyone else to come too. I will not slink off into the night and leave you all behind!

   It's kind of novel, I used the style from emosnail, which had been a lot more customized than this one ever was, so it's kind of fun to see my posts using that style again. Anyway, those of you who are primarily using DW now, please add Aggienaut there?
   Also so a lot of people crosspost from DW tp here, can I do it in the other order, from here to there?

Cato uses his paws to demonstrate the width of the dreams he is having

Meanwhile in Real Life
   Suddenly, I am probably going to Congo, the Democratic Republic Thereof, on Wednesday. Yes, it's Sunday now, yes I don't have flights yet, yes I don't have a visa yet ... I don't know, I think The Organization is crazy to pull this stuff but they do.

   Immediately after that, I'm going to Nicaragua on August 24th. The current hare-brained plan I'm very not pleased with has me deadheading back to Melbourne from Kinshasa only to turn around and head to Managua. For... reasons.

   Following Nicaragua I'll be in the San Francisco area for about 96 hours for my other brother's wedding. Then on Sept 11th I shall return to my dear little village on the southern edge of Australia ... until the end of September when I head to Istanbul for the world beekeeping conference.

   Sooo I'll be fairly busy in the next month or two! So today like the nerd / obsessive blogger that I am I'm going to try to finish blogging about that LAST trip!!

   Now I just need to find someone to pet-sit Theodora, my pet basil plant.

Tags: dreamwidth, meta, operation aggienaut, travel plans

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