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22 of 30 - Presidential Pets

   Today I bring you the top ten most awesome pets of US Presidents! (This is not a complete list of presidential pets or of all the pets of the named presidents, just the awesome ones!)

10 Calvin Coolidge: An antelope?!

9 Jimmy Carter: A siamese cat named "Misty Malarky Ying Yang"

8 George W Bush: A Longhorned Cow named "Ofelia"

7 Abraham Lincoln: Actually had a dog named "Fido"

6 Theodore Roosevelt: A one legged rooster. Also a badger among other things.

5 John Adams: Dog named "Satan"

4 James Garfield: Dog named "Veto"

3 George Washington: Dogs named "Sweet Lips" (!?) "Drunkard," and "Tipsy"

2 McKinley: Parrot named "Washington Post"

and the winner...

1 Benjamin Harrison (there was such a president?!): two possums named "Mr Reciprocity" and "Mr Protection".

(Hey possums are currently winning in the poll on what I should blog about (= )

Complete list here. So many early presidents had things like alligators, donkeys and roosters I didn't incldue them in my list!
   Recall also that I had mentioned that Socks the famous Clinton cat has been discarded by the Clintons ... because they're insenstive monsters!!

Picture of the Day

My pet chicken.
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