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Kyrgyzstan 2017 Pictures

Okay finally finally went through and sorted through and posted my pictures from Kyrgyzstan! Unfortunately my external hard drive having died made it a little more tedious since I had to re-download them from google photos, and one whole day for some reason had failed to backup and is now lost forever.

In theory I might go back and put pictures in the entries I wrote about Kyrgyzstan. Maybe.

I was staying and primarily working in the valley just behind this rock, known as "broken heart rock," because, yeah. Also you often see those little gypsy cart looking carts, especially by bee yards since people keep them manned 24/7 against theft.

This yurt is a restaurant, but people actually live in yurts that aren't too dissimilar:

"Son, saddle up the donkey I have to go to work"

That's one gosh darn big lake (Lake Issyk-Kul)

Oh hey I hadn't posted this one yet? Gosh darn eagles!!!

Dancers at wedding.

Anyway the rest can be found here, and I might sprinkle some more around when I need a picture for an entry that doesn't lend itself to any particular picture (for every blog entry should always have a picture). Also, coming soon, pictures from Nicaragua!

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