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Nicaragua 2017 Pictures

And Pictures up from Nicaragua! Above, boat traffic at the end of Somoto Gorge. In other parts it looked more like this.

There were many quaint tile roofed houses like this in the rural areas! This one I guess is a sort of rough adobe brick and timber? But many were covered in plaster with just a bit of brick peeking out where the plaster had coyly chipped off in places, just like in gosh darn Zorro or something!

This imposing fortification with it's bellicose mural is just beside the central square in Somoto! I suppose it's part of town hall or something, and I guess town hall is meant to possibly serve as a citidel.

And lastly, here is someone's daily driver idling by a tree in the remote community of La Neranja near San Jose de Cusmapa.

More pictures on Flickr

I've integrated pictures into my public Kyrgyzstan and Nicaragua posts over at Dreamwidth. Posts are still originating here don't worry! But I've actually been directing people In Real Life who want to read my travelogues to dreamwidth hence the priority given there I'm speaking at three beekeeping clubs before the end of the month, got interviewed by the local paper today and have an article in the next issue of the Birregurra newsletter, I've been busy!

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Posts from This Journal “nicaragua” Tag