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Yesterday: I'm just starting up from the almost-complete-stop at the stop sign when the engine shuts down, leaving me slowly rolling in terror across a highway that has no stops, in what's called a "black spot" intersection due to the dangerous accidents that occur there. Muttering "no no no no no noooo" under my breath I look both ways expecting to see a log truck doing 100 barreling down on me but fortunately the road is clear. It's barely a week since I'd been standing amid the wreckage of an accident at a nearly identical intersection -- but whereas before I was safely wearing the flourescent yellow of the country fire brigade, now I was in a dead car broadside-on to oncoming traffic!!

   Of all places in the 30 kilometer commute to work, my car chooses the absolutely absolutely worst car-length to break down in. It almost defies belief, but I have little time to contemplate it heavily as I will the car to keep on rolling, which it does, until I'm on the conveniently wide gravel shoulder of the road beyond the intersection.

   The day had begun a bit ominously too. I had just cleaned up the house for the airbnb guests who would be arriving later, which involves tossing all miscelleneous objects into my office, which consequently looks a complete mess. As I went to close the office door the doorknob had come off in my hand. Leaving me staring at it. No clear way to solidly reaffix it. Well this would look pretty ghetto if the first thing guests see when they come in is a door missing a doorknob, or that door hanging open to reveal an epic mess inside. I carefully managed to get the door closed and kind of get the doorknob back on in a way that at least looks right, but it seemed like a bad omen, and apparently was.

   Also of note, the PREVIOUS day I had arrived at work to find the work truck wouldn't start. Had to have it taken in to the mechanic, turns out there was an air-leak in the fuel pump. So when my own car broke down the following day "oh come on this car too!" could be added to exclamations of "no no no anywhere but here!"

   Checking the basics, the engine was out of oil BUT in my defense I had checked it only like two weeks ago, though I've been aware it guzzles oil (and yet doesn't drip any, where it goes is anyone's guess), so I'm terribly afraid the engine might have done itself in by driving with no oil (but there was no smoke or anything, I'd have thought an oil-less related death would result in lots of heat and smoke?). Anyway as it happens there is an auto mechanic place around the corner from my house (the town is tiny but has everything one needs!), so I had them come tow me back to Birregurra and am now driving their kinda quirky loaner car.

   In other news I've had three airbnb guests in a row this week, which necessitated buying a lot more of all categories of linens so I didn't have to wash everything every day (filled three laundry machines when I finally went in today!). First couple was really nice, they were in the midst of driving the coast. I'd have liked to talk to them more but they kept to themselves in their room mostly. Second couple was also really nice, was here because they were going to local "45th best restaurant in the world" Brea for lunch on Saturday (they mentioned reservations fill up three months in advance, they booked this last October!). As soon as they had their stuff in the room asked "do you have a bottle opener?" ... we spent the rest of the evening having beers and chatting on the porch and it was great.
   Third couple arrived today. They arrived while I was still out getting the laundry done around 12:30, but I figured what can you expect when you ask to check in early and I had mentioned I had a previous booking, and they wouldn't be sleeping in the middle of the day right? Well when I got back it turns out they were but had brought their own bedding? But anyway, the noteworthy thing here is they kind of regarded me as an intruder in their own space when the guy finally came out to the living room and found me there and was like "you live here?" all surprised. I had gotten this surprised response once before from another older couple, who like this one had had trouble figuring out how to book on airbnb. So I guess people who are unclear on how airbnb works are... unclear on how airbnb works.
   And they have a small fluffy dog! My listing had said indoor pets to be evaluated on a case by case basis, which Ii realize was a mistake because everyone swears up and down their dog is the best and are you going to say no?
   And they've gone off to a wedding leaving me to dog-sit their dog, who has been whining. I didn't sign up for this :-/ I have now added "$50 fee for inside pets" to my listing and am thinking of trying to come up with the most seamless phrasing to emphasize that yes I god damn live here.

   Also, though airbnb keeps telling me if I lower my price I'll get "19% more bookings!" I was just having a gander at the listed "listing similar to this" for mine and they're all around $150 (mine is at $100. All prices OzDollars btw which is like 75 cents to the dollar), so I don't know why airbnb is telling me to lower my price, I'm _this_ close to raising it!

   Anyway, that's the latest. It's 107f today, a friend is having a pool party, and I'm here dog-sitting for some strangers, my car might be dead, and this doorknob keeps coming off in my hand.

UPDATE: Sunday now, this last couple just left. Among other things I noticed they were passive aggressively only using my back door and going the long way around to the front (the front door sticks a bit but honestly its not anywhere near unusable) ... I've got a feeling they're gonna leave me with an "interesting" review... :-X

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