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On the Walls

   So I've been trawling through my pictures on flickr (there's 70 pages of them!), to try to find some to print out and put on my walls. I do already have an album of about a hundred of what I've considered "the best" I'm finding when I look at them with an eye to "would I like to hang this on my wall" a lot of pictures I otherwise feel are good pictures don't measure up, and pictures I wouldn't have previously thought of as among the very best I suddenly feel are.

   For example I've decided the one at the top of the entry is one of my very favorites, even though I think just looking at it on a computer screen without thinking about putting things on my walls I'd be like eh its just a mundane scene. But I like the colors and everyone in it seems so composed, and it reminds me of peaceful evenings sitting on that porch in Guinea. That fellow pouring the tea would pour it back and forth for what seemed like hours every day to make it just right. The other guy is the head beekeeping trainer there and I really quite like him. And the girl shyly peering around the side is Fatimatah, a sweet and shy girl.

   This is another kind of unexpected favorite, but again I like the color balance and moreover Aissatou and Kamera laughingly trying to pull eachother out of (and/or into??) the puddles I feel is evocative of their cheerful laughing demeaner and makes me happy when I look at it.

   Again I feel it seems kind of random that this of all pictures would come to be one of my favorite of all my photos but it is, and I actually already HAVE a large print out of this on my wall.

   This one I had printed out a few years ago but it came out with a green spot in the middle and I've been afraid to have it printed out again in case that's some sort of inevitable result of the way the colors are coded in the jpeg or something, but I quite like it and think I'll give it another go.

   This one I already ordered printed the other day as kind of a test to see how the k-mart photo printing comes out and how I feel about the size (8" x 12" / 20cm x 30cm). These are the two boats I sailed around on for seven months, up at peaceful Sucia Island (entire island is a national park and does not, I believe, had any regular public boat service so people can only get there by boating in themselves), with Mt Baker in the background, somewhere near Bellingham. I wish that modern boat wasn't in the picture, but its not even easy to photoshop out since its in front of a varied background with the shore and all (but if anyone wants to have a go at it I'd be extremely obliged!!)

   I also want to aim to get a variety of different places I've been represented. Anyway, the 8" x 12" photos are only like $3.95 while those nice printed-on-canvas things are around $50 so I think I'll print out a bunch on the cheap and one by one replace the ones I really like with nice canvas ones.

And probably this picture I took of ANZAC cove because, Australia.

   If you're interested I'm posting a few more photos I'm heavily considering as comments.

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