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Summoning the Prologue

   I had an idea today as I collected wax moth larvae to feed to the chooks. I was thinking about the back-story to the idea I mentioned earlier, of writing a sort of fantasy story in which a character is going around studying the creatures, and I came up with this idea that is actually a pretty good story in itself I think.

   But before we get into that I also wanted to note that I've always wanted to set my fantasy universe on a map of Venus as rendered to have the lower 70% of land under oceans like the Earth. I had played a Civ 3 mod once upon a time on this map and fell in love with how earth-like it is (compared to say Mars which would just be all water in the northern hemisphere and all land in the south, essentially, or the moon or mercury which would be just a mish mash of craters), and the fact that it's a "real map," not something made up of whole cloth.

   Anyway, if stories about elves and orcs make you cross-eyed you may want to skip the rest, but here's my story idea:

   On one of the large islands occupied by elves, a horde of orcs has invaded and been steadily pushing the elves back. Facing annhilation, a powerful elf sorcerer of dark magic decides their only hope is to summon an unholy previously unknown race from another dimension. He sends adventurers to the far corners of their world to bring things needed for the summoning: some coffee beans; some amphorae of tarry rock-oil; perhaps the materials used to make plastic (if "phenol" and formaldehyde can be acquired with iron age technology and maybe some help from magic?) -- and then they must sacrifice a virgin ... wetlands. By dumping this oil and plastic into it. After this unholy ceremony overnight an entire city block of some San Francisco Bay Area city appears in the area of the wetlands overnight, much to the confusion of the occupants. Some reference made by the sorcerer to having grabbed these other-dimensional beings from a time immediately prior to their great decline, assuming they'll be at peak usefulness, and, oh look they're from 2018 and don't know what to do without facebook.

   I initially wanted to do it with Dickensian London but people would probably more enjoy reading about our contemporaries adjusting to living in a fantasy universe. And anyway this obviously sets up a sequel where the humans help the dark elf sorcerer defeat the orcs .... before of course turning on the elf sorcerer because it's bound to happen. And then finally with all this back story out of the way I can get to the business of simply having a character explore the world.

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