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Office Life

   It occurs to me, that life in an office is as unfamiliar a setting to me as some sort of improbable science fiction. My normal workday consists of working in the forest surrounded by kangaroos, as the kookaburra laughs overhead.

   And I haven't posted a poll in a long time anyway, so here's a poll with some office life stereotypes that come to mind.

Poll #2079896 Office Life: In the last week have you:

In the last week have you:

Read a stupid memo
Gotten in a fight with the copying machine
Had a chat by the water cooler
Rolled your eyes at the boss when they weren't looking
Played a prank on a coworker
Had a prank played on you

   I'm sure there's other office cliches I'm forgetting at this moment. Please feel free to brainstorm them in comments!
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