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27 of 30 - Bookshelves

   When revchad came by my place in Davis (2, 3 years ago?) to consider moving into the spare room he took the opportunity to examine my bookshelf, with the comment that "you can tell a lot about a person by what they have on their bookshelf." Well he didn't end up moving in, so I guess my bookshelf didn't pass the test. (=

   But on that note, I'm going to share my bookshelf with you!

Top Shelf
Russian Folk Lyrics
Letters From Freedom
: Post-Cold War Realities and Perspectives
November 1916: The Red Wheel II by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Land Without Justice (Autobiography of noted international communist Milovan Djilas & of his native land Montenegro)
The Balkans
The Chronicles of Narnia (all seven)
The Purple Runner
Once A Runner
California Elections Code
Two years Before the Mast
A Time for Trolls
A Vision Unfulfilled
: Russia and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century
King Leopold's Ghost
The Ramanyana
Beowulf (a third time -- there's a fourth but its not currently on the bookshelf)
The Viking Ships in Oslo
The Vikings and Their Origins
The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland
Mythology of the Celtic People
Blood on the Doorstep
: The Politics of Preventive Action
National Identity
Irish Castles
Gods and Myths of Northern Europe
Doctor Zhivago
Gulliver's Travels
From Achilles Heel to Zeus's Shield
The Tolkien Reader
The Complete Guide to Middle Earth
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
(with an extra copy of the Two Towers for some reason)
King Arthur And His Knights of the Round Table

Second Shelf
Legends of the Ferengi
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

Some Choose Your Own Adventure books
Something Under the Bed is Drooling (Calvin & Hobbes!)
Tie Fighter, Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empire, & Dark Forces computer games
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond
Also: on the right in front of Collapse those are photographic test strips in front of Collapse from when we had a darkroom here.

Third Shelf
Objects in Foreground: Freedom Stapler 5000 (someone slapped a bush cheney sticker on my stapler. it amuses me)
(Above the other books)
The Tower of London
Henry VIII and his Court
Robert's Rules of Order
The Complete Unabridged 10th Edition (The Bible of organizational conflict!)
The UN Charter
Engelsk Ordbok
(Swedish-English dictionary -- intended for native Swedish speakers)
(and now from left)
Globalization and the Challenges of a New Century
Saxon, Viking & Norman Men-at-Arms
Russian Rebels 1600-1800
The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories
og Alexander Pushkin
The Causes of War
(Which you may know as The Koran or whatever other spelling you prefer)
The Gulag Archepelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Russia's Unfinished Revolution: Political Change From Gorbachev to Putin
American National Security
: Death of a Nation
Strategies of Containment
American Foreign Relations
: A History Since 1895, Volume II
Keeping the Peace
An Introduction to Legal Reasoning -E.H. Levi
The Logic of Political Survival -Siverson et al.
Taking Rights Seriously -Dworkin
Elements of Law
Rights, Liberties, & Justice
The Hollow Hope
The Concept of Law
A Theory of Justice -Rawls
Lenin's Tomb
The Riverside Chaucer
Russia in the Age of Peter the Great
Galactic Adventures
(hellz yes! hahaha)

Bottom Shelf
Objects in Foreground:
(1) What is apparently called a "tea infuser" (?) shapes like a teapot.
(2) Pile of people's business cards
(Above the Other Books)
Guns, Germs, & Steel -Jared Diamond
Starcraft Strategy Guide
(From left)
A short History of the Middle Ages
: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing
States Verses Markets
The Sociology of News
Development and Social Change
Organizational Communications
: Approaches and Processes
International Economics
Russia's Heroes
The Death of King Arthur
Life in a Medieval Castle
Incoherent Empire
I wrote an essay about how ridiculous this book is!
Allies At War
Testimony: Death of a Guatamalan Village
Chienne de Guerre
Readings in Medieval History
Life in a Medieval Village
Inside a US Embassy
Stalin: Breaker of Nations
-By "Robert Conquest" lol
Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining - The only book I have that some people consider the very existence of to be unethical! ;)
Boiling Point
The Hive and the Honey Bee - The classic beekeeping bible by Dadant & Sons.
Fathers and Sons -Ivan Turgenev
Eagle in the Snow (A historical fiction taking place in the early 5th century)
NEWS: The Politics of Illusion
Journal of Higher Criticism
In the Vanguard of Reform
The Popol Vuh
Weavers of Revolution
The Tain
: Pamietky a piriroda
Hrady, Zámky, Kaštiele (A guide to the castles of Slovakia)
Slovak (English-Slovak / Slovak-English translation dictionary)
The Phantom Tollbooth
Cometbus #46 and 47. I used to have more but I loaned them to a friend and never say them again. Also the Cometbus Omnibus compiliation of them all is floating around here somewhere.

Also Floating Around My Room
Conflict, Cooperation, & Justice
Irish Folktales
Which I traded Laura Hays my Russian Folktales for. She for completley unknown reasons has decided she thinks I'm an ashole though so I'll probably never get a chance to trade back.
Of Cannibals and Kings
(Fourth copy)
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