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Jason and the Episode II

   Jason sat on a rock on the beach, looking out over the dark sea waves gently lapping at the shore. The day before he had brazenly accepted what was essentially a suicide mission from the king, and things had really come together to make it happen but it was still very daunting. Behind him up on the shore he could hear the revelry of the many young men who had volunteered to go with him, and the black bulk of a new ship that had been volunteered for their use rested half in the water nearby like a great sleeping bull.
   "Heyyyyy, what are you doing down here??" Jason's reverie was interrupted by one of his new friends, Idas, stumbling down to him holding a small amphorae of wine.
   "Just, thinking," said Jason, looking out at the many stars over the sea
   "Oh yeah, what about?" asked Idas
   "We're going to have to travel well beyond the limits of civilization, through the narrow sea into the black inhospitable sea beyond and to the far shore. Who knows what monsters we might encounter along the way, how long we'll be gone, if we'll ever make it back"
   "Hey you're not getting cold feet are you??" inquired Idas bruskly
   "Hey, no, but it's a serious undertaking, I just wanted to enjoy the serenity here because I don't know how long it will be till we're back,"
   "Look if you're having second thoughts you can stay here and Heracles can lead us"
   "Hey, you're drunk Idas" another voice broke in, and Jason looked up to see one of the older volunteers to the expedition, Idmon, coming up to them.
   "Hey I'm just saying" said Idas defensively.
   "Jason is right to take it seriously, and it is the right attitude in a leader. I myself feel like I won't make it back, but I still willingly go in support of Jason." said Idmon, placing a hand on Jason's shoulder.
   Idas looked at Jason sitting thoughtfully on his rock with a goblet in hand, and said "well he better be steadfast as a leader, second thoughts and quibbling are NOT what we need"
   "Will YOU be steadfast or are you going to be second guessing my leadership the whole time?" asked Jason angrily.
   Just then some beautiful music began wafting down to the shore from the rest of the party, where Orpheus had begun to play his lyre, and the three stopped their argument to listen. After a moment Idas mumbled a half hearted rejoinder and began to stumble back up the beach.

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