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Just a reminder to go vote for me in the Livejournal Idol poll.

After posting it I went and stood-by at the fire station since we were on high alert that day. Nothing happened here but a brushfire caused the evacuation of the town of Hepburn Springs two hours north of here and I haven't been able to find a map of the burned area but I have some hives up there so I'm a bit concerned.

wildfires in this state the day the "firebreak" story was due.

   In totally unrelated news I've finally started reading Jack Kerouac's famous "On the Road," am about a third in and... I dunno so far it doesn't seem nearly as deep as I'd been led to expect, its like the diary of a young guy who is irresponsible with money and always chasing girls, and not even in a terribly exciting way. He definitely writes in a way that flows nicely though. And there's certainly room for hte character to grow a lot from his current mindset so who knows maybe he does?

UPDATE: Currently tied for the third elimination position. Please god no don't put me in one of the stupid 24 hour "runoffs!" Vote for meeee.

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