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The Rise of Skywalker

I have seen the new Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker. Unspoilerific notes are that it felt a bit obsessively fast paced, I swear they were in an entirely different scene every 7 seconds throughout the whole thing and visited like 17 different planets. Sloww dowwwwwn. And several characters were briefly introduced and/or other random thnigs happened that seemed to have no explanation other than being a gratuitous hook into some spinoff story they already have planned or maybe something they plan to put in a ride in Disneyland.

   Like what was with that "light speed jumping" thing where he was hyperwarming directly from in the middle of one city to another in rapid succession?? That breaks even the in-universe physics in a way that doesn't even make sense (for example, how are all the TIE fighters able to make those exact jumps with him?), and just seemed gratuitous and the only possible explanation I can think of for it is so they can put it in Star Tours at Disneyland.

   That girl ::googles:: Kelly Tran that was a main character on a completely pointless side quest last movie seems to have been intentionally snubbed, only appearing to say "oh yeah I'm not going with you guys." And Finn was given a new love interest who suddenly appears to suddenly be a main character.

   As to the actual plot and theme I liked where they went with it. The series has always been about redemption. I still cringed when Rey and Ren kissed the end because just because you just finally gave up being a nazi doesn't mean you're not still gross. Gross dude.

   Ii feel like Rey's being torn between the light side and darkside throughout this third trilogy is the kind of personal conflict we really really should have had with Anakin in the prequel series.. but no we got whiney Anakin.

   Sort of plot hole that bothers me ... how did the "Final Order" secretly get the tens of thousands of officers and crew to this secret place to staff their new fleet? I know there was kind of sort of a reference to them forcibly conscripting more people but you really don't get the impression the months or so it would take to give them a modicum of training goes by.

   And where IS the New Republic galactic government in all this? The frequent scenes with the galactic government in the prequels were dreadfully dull but it's kind of weird in the sequel trilogy that they never even hint that a new government exists or give any explanation, just kinda oh yeah the First and Last Order are over here hanging out and are still the only political force.

   But mainly I feel like this movie was pretty good but would have been much better if the director acted like he respected our attention spans to be able to go more than 7 seconds without explosions and an abrupt scene change.

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