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   Just now I was sitting here and suddenly heard the white hen that likes to perch on the outside counter by the kitchen squawking wildly. I jumped up, grabbed the flashlight and made a mad dash downstairs and outside.

   Immediately I see a coyote (looked like a medium sized lean tan dog) dash across the yard and into the bushes on the side. Moments later I see the coyote on TOP of the wall (!) heading towards the front yard.
   I then confirm the health of the chicken. She appears unscathed but very flustered, still clucking botheredly. So I coax her back to her ledge and pat her and keep her company until she calms down.
   While I'm standing there I hear rustling from around the corner where the chicken-shed is (mother hen and her chicks still spend the night in the safety of the shed). Was there a second coyote? As I shine my flashlight over there two sinister red eyes appear around the corner!! As it moves its eyes are locked unnervingly on me.
   But then I realize its the cat. She was cornere over there by the coyote as well I guess. I open the door to the house andd she eagerly scampers in. Her tail is all floofed up.

Tags: chickens, coyotes

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