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March 27th - 2,997 currently active cases in Australia, 367 new cases in last 24 hours. 13 have died so far. Also I found a news article about my immediate area: Cases Jump to 21 In Geelong Area. Overnight last night the United States surged ahead of Italy and China for most total cases. Obviously, the USA is a big place and it might make more sense to compare individual states to European cities, but on the "deaths per million" graph, probably the best indicator (because deaths are more likely to be detected than cases), the United States has really been climbing the list (though some unexpected places like Sweden are higher than it on that list). Altoether looking at various graphs and trends I think it looks really scary for the US. I really feel like the US may end up topping the charts as hardest hit.

   Cristina has been in the capital now for a few months but for most of last year she was on this small Venezuelan cluster of islands called Las Roques. I had recently had this vague thought in the back of my head that I wished she was still there because it seems like it would be safer there. Yeah, no apparently that would not have been correct. She sent me this message about conditions on the islands today: "My love in Los Roques it seems that there was a party with artists and everyone has coronavirus the town is infected and my former boss Kendra has coronavirus and she was taken from the island to a hospital
   Soooo I guess she dodged a bullet by not being there right now. I'm not really surprised this happened I guess, it was always a destination for hedonistic foreign tourists.

   The wild animals are behaving strangely. When I came into work today there was a rabbit in the driveway, Ii had to drive around it. I opened the door just beside it and practically could have touched it except if very slowly hopped out of reach. Recall just yesterday a fox did about the same thing to me in broad daylight. This is pretty weird.

   Today was a nice warm sunny day, I was able to do a lot of beekeeping and harvest a number of frames of honey. The air was so still none of the giant windmills around where my hives are were turning, which was unusual enough to be a bit eerie. More plumes of smoke, I'm assuming its just people burning off now that summertime fire restrictions are being relaxed, but all afternoon it cast the light in that amber glow of light shining through smoke.

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